Catalyst Art Lab Community Membership Subscription

Artists have long known that true success comes from community.

The Catalyst Art Lab membership community offers you a place to connect with us and other members, to engage in discussions on topics important to you, to get feedback on your work, and where you can find support and mentoring.

The Catalyst Art Lab Membership Community is centered on three pillars:

  • Mentoring: weekly office hours and critiques, and professional development
  • Growth: demos, resources & recommendations, exhibition opportunities
  • Community: special discussions on various mediums, engage with us and other members, and virtual conferences

Catalyst Art Lab began with our “community” of 5 artists who have worked and taught together for years. We have been colleagues and friends, and share a passion for art. Now as Catalyst Art Lab we invite you to become part of a diverse, engaged, and dynamic community of artists.

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